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  • Fantastic gel! The first anti-cellulite gel with no burning/strange sense after apply. I use it as anticellulite and varicose veins and it works! Skin become toned and shaped and veins also feel relief. Thanks a lot!


  • I recently started using this product and I love it. I have tried so many natural deodorants and was never satisfied until I used this one. Amazing and thank you! (about Green Factory Mineral Deodorant)

    Mel Loh

  • Today, I wanna share these goodness: green factory! Since I’m pregnant, I have been picky on my skin care product. Not only because I really care about the baby but also my skin become more sensitive and difficult to manage. [...]

    Ike Rahmawati

  • I recently bought some products in Bali and have run out. Can I do an online order of the anti-aging eye serum and the face serum? Please let me know – beautiful product!


  • few weeks ago I was in Bali and bought Green Factory products from Earth Café in Seminyak. I found the products very beneficial to my skin, since where I live in my country we have a lot of sunshine similar [...]

    Carmen Penza

  • I’ve been to Bali and bought the Pure Natural Mineral Deodorant and I really love it. I live in Australia and I was wondering if I can buy it somewhere over here? And if not, would it be possible to [...]


  • Hi i have fallen in love with your vit c serum! will you ever sell online or will i need to stock up every time i go to Bali????


  • I recently bought your products (face wash, shampoo, conditioner) at the Down to Earth Cafe in Ubud, Bali. I love them! Do you ship to the United States? If so, how much is shipping? Thanks


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