Anti-Wrinkle Eye Serum


Anti-Wrinkle Eye Serum. This special formula replenishes and nourishes the delicate area around the eyes. It also soothes the skin and effectively helps to fight the aging process of the skin by minimizing wrinkles and puffiness. Thus leaving your skin look younger and toned.

For all skin types

GREEN FACTORYAnti-wrinkle eye serum is a special formula, which replenishes and nourishes the delicate area around the eyes. It also soothes the skin and effectively helps to minimize fine lines and morning puffiness. This is a perfect treatment for tightening, toning, brightening and de-puffing. It is also great in eliminating such unpleasant age signs, as dryness, elasticity loss, faded or rough skin tone.  Due to its super effective ingredients serum provides lifting and rejuvenating effects, leaving your skin younger and toned.

GREEN FACTORYAnti-wrinkle eye serum is packed with antioxidant rich ingredients, vitamins and minerals and natural active components.

Some star ingredients in the serum are: seaweed, extract od chamomile, sweet almond oil and vitamin C and E. Seaweed boosts a lymphatic drainage, de-puffs, stimulates microcirculation and contains dozen of vitamins and antioxidants; extract of a chamomile heals, treats, and eliminates blemishes. Carrot seeds oil is great for any skin type. It soothes dry, dehydrated skin, rejuvenates, and helps to disguise the look of fine lines, increases elasticity, fights free radicals. Sweet almond oil slows down aging processes the cells, reduces inflammations. Being used usually as a basis for essential oils at the same time it transports their molecules sweet almond oil prevents air blocking in cages, almond oil literally helps skin to breathe freely. Yet this serum is jam-packed with vitamin complexes such as vitamin C, which is an anti-ager as well as a lightener (so it helps with hyper pigmentation) and vitamin E, as well known for its antioxidant effect.

HOW TO USE: this formula is light and absorbent – great for under moisturizer. Better to use day and night and follow with any GREEN FACTORYmoisturizer of your choice.

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