Skincare Preservatives. What they are and why are they used in cosmetic products.

Any cosmetic product that includes water, combined with natural plant extracts, oils and proteins, provides an ideal breeding ground for the microbial growth. Therefore, to prevent from possible microbial growth in the cosmetic products preservatives are used. Unfortunately, whatever we are told by manufacturers of “natural” cosmetics, no cosmetic product can go without preservatives, if you are going to use it for longer than 3-4 days.
But preservatives are not necessary evil. It’s about their quality, as well as the nature of their origin and their effectiveness. There are natural and harmless to your body preservatives used in natural cosmetics. Of course, if non-natural preservatives are used such as, for example, parabens or formaldehydes, such cosmetics cannot be considered as natural. It’s impossible to completely eliminate the use of preservatives in cosmetics; however you can try to reduce the content by choosing the right mixture, acting in synergy or by adding into the formulations the additives that contain antibacterial and antioxidant activity.

GREEN FACTORY use the maximum range of natural ingredients, gifted to us by nature.
Wise ratio and selection of antioxidants and natural preservatives gives a brilliant result, and protects your skin from harmful synthetic preservatives, and your cream – from microbes and fungi. Our concept involves partial and complete replacement of traditional preservatives in formulations of cosmetic products to natural ingredients, safety of which has been studied, tested and proved beyond doubt. Our preservatives not only have anti-microbial properties, but also recognized by the scientific community as safe and effective.
In our products we use patented natural synergistically acting mixtures of such substances as Asian plant extracts, active biocomplexes of silver and copper, mummy, larch resin and extracts of yarrow root, peony, sage, mint, chamomile, calendula, thyme, echinacea and others.

Our latest achievement in products for the face and eyes is the synergistic mixture, which includes ginger extract, wasabi, tea tree oil and garlic extract and only food preservatives. Together these substances do not only have an excellent preservative effect, they are also beneficial to the skin in general.
Mixtures similar to our own development are used in medicine for dealing with skin peeling, frostbite, burns, wounds, skin diseases, vascular disorders, dermatitis and even used internally.

Together with the highly effective active ingredients, fighting with age-related skin changes, solar radiation, dry, oily, lack of skin turgor and a moisturizing products, our preservatives are not only harmless, but on the contrary, are able to improve and maintain the health of your skin.

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